9h00-9h15 Welcome Address
9h15-10h10 Session 1 - Immersion in the Field
Session Chair: Teresa Chambel, Lasige Univ. Lisbon, PT
9h15 Immersive Experiences in the Home: a Field Trial on Stereoscopic 3DTV
Jonas De Meulenaere; Koen Willaert; Wendy Van Den Broeck; Lizzy Bleumers
9h35 Immersive FPS Games: User Experience and Performance
Jean-Luc Lugrin; Marc Cavazza; Fred Charles; Marc Le Renard;
Jonathan Freeman; Jane Lessiter
9h55 Object-Based Audio Applied to Football Broadcasts
Mark Mann; Anthony Churnside; Andrew Bonney; Frank Melchior
10h15-11h00 Session 2 - Participatory and Collaborative Experiences
Session Chair: Pablo Cesar, CWI, NL
10h15 Enhancing Site-Specific Theatre Experience with Remote Partners
Akito van Troyer
10h30 TAG4VD - A Game for Collaborative Video Annotation
José Pedro Pinto; Paula Viana
10h45 Music Recommendations for Groups of Users
Pedro Dias; João Magalhaes
11h00-11h30 Coffee Break
11h30 Keynote Talk
Multisensory Mixed Reality with Smell and Taste
Adrian Cheok, Prof. of Pervasive Computing, City University London, UK
Session Chair: Teresa Chambel, Lasige Univ. Lisbon, Portugal
13h00 Lunch
14h30-15h25 Session 3 - Perceptual Immersion
Session Chair: João Magalhães, New Univ. Lisbon, PT
14h30 Simulating the Sensation of Taste for Immersive Experiences
Nimesha Ranasinghe; Adrian Cheok; Ryohei Nakatsu; Ellen Yi Luen Do
14h50 Immersive 360º Mobile Video with an Emotional Perspective
João Ramalho; Teresa Chambel
15h10 Synesthetic Enrichment of Mobile Photography
Jose San Pedro
15h30-16h25 Session 4 - Design and Enabling Technologies
Session Chair: Paula Viana, Polytec. Porto INESC TEC, PT
15h30 Mixed Reality Immersive Design: A study in Interactive Dance
João Beira; Rodrigo Carvalho; Sebastian Kox
15h50 Dynamic Adaptive 3D Multi-View Video Streaming over the Internet
Cagri Ozcinar; Erhan Ekmekcioglu; Ahmet Kondoz
16h10 A Practical and Scalable Method for Streaming Omni-Directional Video to Web Users
Peter Quax; Jori Liesenborgs; Panagiotis Issaris; Wim Lamotte; Johan Claes
16h30-17h00 Coffee Break
17h00-18h15 Discussion & Demos - Immersive Media Challenges:
where we are, what drives us, what is the future?
18h15-18h30 Wrap Up